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Shoulder of pork, cooked the Galician way
Potatoes with a strong cheese from Asturias
Potatoes with a creamy garlic sauce and a spicy tomato sauce

Potatoes with a garlic and parsley dressing

Potatoes with a garlic and parsley dressing and eggs

Sausage in a cider sauce
Spanish omelette (whole)
House omelette
Battered squid or andalusian
Galician octopus (medium-sized dish)
Fried double steak with cheese and iberian ham
Homemade patty
Black pudding scramble
Scrambled egg with sausage or ham
Onion Croquettes (portion 12 units)
Cabrales cheese croquettes (strong cheese from Asturias) (portion 12 units)
Ham croquettes (portion 12 units)
Mixed croquettes (portion 12 units)
Tripe cooked the Madrid way
Mixed of cheeses Asturian
Cabrales Cheese (strong Cheese from Asturias)
La Peral (Asturian cheese semi-hard blue)
Manchego (cheese from La Mancha)
Asturian bean stew (ration «Sidreria»)
Scorpionfish Cake
Grilled Pig’s ear
Salad Mix (lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna, egg and asparagus)
bread bagel





Custard of the house

Rice pudding

Ice cream


Ice cream cake

Santiago cake

Blueberry cheesecake

Chocolate sotobó with vanilla ice cream

Coffee cake

Orujo cheesecake

Lemon sorbet with cava

Natural orange juice


Fried milk